7.5 FK BRNO Field Pistol

The 7.5 FK Field Pistol is a single-action, tilting barrel type mechanism, with a proprietary recoil attenuating system. This is a completely new and unique concept and design that is not a modified version of another product or pistol model of the FK Brno pistol. The design has been ergonomically developed for just about any user and even though the magazine holds 15 – 35 mm long rounds, the smallest hands are able to fully wrap around the optimally angled grip of the FK Brno PSD. The frame and slide are surprisingly slender and streamlined for such a size cartridge and caliber. Buy our FK Brno firearms available in stock and ready to ship.

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fk brno pistol

The FK Brno PSD Pistol

The Brno PSD pistol comes in two models: The Standard Field Pistol and the Combat Sport. Internally they are the same yet the Combat Sport is slightly more compact with less protruding edges for ease of use with competition holsters and clothing. When you need a versatile, precise and powerful gun, the Fk Brno PSD delivers on all fronts. It is completely intuitive and made for both handy comfort and effortless performance whatever your activities may be. To get your hands on one of our FK Brno PSD pistols, buy it right here at Brno USA.

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